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States Recognizing West Virginia Concealed Handgun Licenses

*Does not require CHL to carry concealed, but local restrictions vary


IMPORTANT NOTE: Qualified persons 21 years of age or older can now carry concealed deadly weapons without a license within the Mountain State. With limited exceptions such as service in the armed forces, provisional licenses are required for all residents 18 to 21 years old who wish to carry a concealed handgun in West Virginia. Traditional concealed handgun licenses and provisional licenses are still required for out-of-state travel to recognizing states.

West Virginia license holders traveling to other states who wish to carry a concealed weapon are still encouraged to contact those states to confirm their recognition status and any local restrictions. For example, some states may not recognize a WV license held by a non-resident of WV, especially the non-resident’s home state.​ It is the responsibility of all West Virginia concealed firearm license holders to know and understand the applicable firearm laws of the states within which they plan to visit.

Frequently Asked Questions About West Virginia Concealed Handgun Licenses

Forms and Publications

​​POLICY GUIDANCE PUBLICATION: Anti-Federal Commandeering and Protection of the Second Amendment​

Application for a West Virginia Concealed Handgun License
Application for a West Virginia Provisional Concealed Handgun License
Open Letter from the ATF to All West Virginia Federal Firearms Licensees
Brady Exemption Guidelines for County Sheriffs
On the Mark: A Guide to Concealed Handgun Laws in West Virginia

If you have any questions regarding gun reciprocity agreements, you can also call the Office of Attorney General at 304-558-2021 and we will be happy to assist you.