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Education, Arts and Boards Division

The Education Arts & Boards Division of the West Virginia Attorney General's Office represents a hodgepodge of agencies, boards and commissions that is hard to categorize. We also represent about thirty professional and occupational licensing boards and commissions. These boards and commissions regulate the practice of various professions and occupations which range from accountants, to registered nurses, to real estate appraisers, to land surveyors to veterinarians. Our job in representing these boards and commissions is primarily centered around representing them in administrative hearings to take disciplinary action against licensees that have committed an infraction of some sort. These infractions also include professional malpractice to unethical behavior under the standards that govern a particular profession. The vast majority of these disciplinary cases are "settled" before they go to an administrative hearing. They are usually settled by "consent agreement" wherein the licensee agrees to submit to some sort of discipline against his or her license. The discipline ranges from a reprimand up to revocation or a surrender of the person's license to practice. We also provide legal counsel/advice to many of these boards and commissions on a whole host of issues confronting government regulatory agencies.

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